Dynamics NAV – One complete ERP Solution

Microsoft Dynamics® NAV delivers industry-specific functionality along with multi-language and multi-site capabilities. Its integrated development environment enables customization with minimal disruption to business processes. Designed to work like other familiar Microsoft applications, it can remain basic and standard, but can also expand and adapt when more power and functionality is required. Microsoft Dynamics NAV has been deployed, proven stable, and reliable since 1983. NAV is a complete business solution tool that gives each department a centralized control, with a global management control over the entire business. It allows users to capture, visualize, and use real-time information. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is highly and easily customized according to users’ needs, while keeping scales and limits under control, to avoid outgrowing the ERP system beyond acceptable frames.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV includes:

  • Financial Management
  • Cost Accounting
  • Procurement
  • Sales Support
  • Marketing Management and CRM
  • Warehouse Management
  • Production
  • Service Management
  • Payroll

Financial management

With Microsoft Dynamics NAV you can keep on top of your accounting processes and your financial data. Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers you a complete solution for your financial management, with integrated functions for:

  • Accounts receivable and accounts payable
  • Payments
  • Warehousing
  • Asset accounting
  • Liquidity planning
  • Cost accounting
  • Fixed assets
  • Analyses and reports

Cost Accounting with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Cost Accounting for Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers a modern controlling tool for supporting your cost analyses. Microsoft Dynamics NAV Cost Accounting offers you functionalities such as:

  • Cost center accounting
  • Cost element plan
  • Accounting parameters
  • Reference value management
  • Apportionments
  • Planned costs
  • Analysis views
  • Cost unit accounting
  • Overhead cost accounting

Procurement in Dynamics NAV (Purchase Order Management)

Microsoft Dynamics NAV has comprehensive procurement functionality that is deeply integrated with all aspects of the entire NAV (ERP) platform. Procurement in Dynamics NAV provides instant, real-time access to inventory and order status, production plans, material and product specifications, promotional programs and discounts, and tools for maintaining delivery status with suppliers. In addition, procurement authorization functionality via the Dynamics NAV workflow functionality allows electronic approval according to an organization’s unique purchasing approval policies.

Dynamics NAV procurement functionality includes:

  • Structured vendor master data
  • Multi-currency functionality
  • RFQs, purchase orders, framework purchase orders, invoices, complaints, return deliveries, credit notes
  • Receipt archiving
  • Transfer orders
  • Order proposals/reorder
  • Advance payment, part delivery, partial invoice
  • Analysis views
  • Purchasing budgets
  • Real-time, dimensional inventory data based on actual materials use and replenishment status.
  • Available-to-promise and capable-to-promise quantities.
  • Inbound shipment time.
  • Integration with production plans (manufacturing).
  • Item tracking through receipt, production, and distribution.
  • Inventory attributes including lot numbers, serial numbers, and multiple SKU’s.
  • Supply chain risk management flagging changes, delays, or other unexpected events.
  • Create demand forecasts and production plans based on information about demand, orders, and material supply.
  • Notifications that alert relevant personnel of transaction changes, supply chain events such as missing PO confirmations or late supplier shipments.
  • Three increasingly complex levels of advanced warehouse management functionality (multiple warehouses and locations)

Requisition Management

The requisition management functionality allows an organization to automate their requisition process; the system suggest purchase orders based on a variety of data, such as minimum, maximum, and reorder quantities and algorithms that can include all data points available in the system pertaining to demand, production planning, and supply.

Purchase Order Authorization

Purchase order approval processes can be completely electronically automated based on authorization matrices setup according to your company policies. Automatically alert managers and senior executives with emails notifying them when their approval is necessary (electronic approval in NAV). Document management allows electronic capture of external documents, like vendor quotes, to satisfy even the most rigorous internal control policies.

Sales Support with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Sales is the most important interfaces between you and your customers. Therefore, the seamless integration of sales into your ERP and financial management processes is of the utmost importance. Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers you a comprehensive integrated solution that covers all sales requirements from the quotation right through to the invoice, including customer-specific prices and terms, receipt archiving and analysis and evaluation. Microsoft Dynamics NAV Sales offers you the following functionalities:

  • Master data for accounts receivable
  • Complaints and credit notes
  • Receipt archiving
  • Review of credit limits
  • Review of balances and stocks
  • Discount processing
  • Delivery dates
  • Transfer orders
  • Dunning

Marketing Management and CRM with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Attracting new customers has become an important challenge. Over the long term, however, retaining existing customers is equally important. Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers you all of the important tools to completely record your customers’ activities, direct your campaigns and evaluate sales opportunities. Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides you with the following functionalities for marketing and CRM requirements:

  • Contact, lead and customer management
  • Contact classification
  • Interaction and order histories
  • Activities and document management
  • Campaign management
  • Sales opportunity management
  • Reliable forecasts
  • Budget control and success measurement
  • Outlook synchronization

Warehouse Management with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

With Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you can integrate your warehouse management into all of your business processes and you can constantly keep track of your storage locations and the delivery schedules for your goods. The system offers the following functionalities:

  • Structured management of item master data (including item variants)
  • Warehouse-specific purchase prices, scheduling methods and inventory information
  • Item reservations and stock transfer
  • Inventory across all warehouses or per storage location
  • Differentiated purchasing and selling prices
  • Item price mark-ups/downs
  • Branches and several storage locations
  • Stock transfer, including transit warehouse
  • Serial and batch number management
  • Mobility

Production with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

The production component of Microsoft Dynamics NAV helps you to plan capacity precisely, to direct production processes flexibly and in detail and to apply your production resources efficiently. The system provides the following functionalities:

  • Production bills of material
  • Production orders
  • Material consumption postings
  • Simultaneous costing
  • Flexible demand and sales planning
  • Capacity planning and control
  • Special and urgent orders
  • Assembly orders
  • Graphic wall chart

The manufacturing module integrated in Microsoft Dynamics NAV manages all of your important production processes and incorporates special features of make-to-order, series and process manufacturers. The module helps you to accurately plan, track and report back on production orders. Create your production orders directly from sales orders or work with planning proposals that the system automatically generates on the basis of stock, requirements and scheduling parameters.

Service Management with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

A high-performance service organization is therefore becoming increasingly important for overall business success. The Service Management module in Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers you important tools to organize your resources and tracking customized spare parts. This allows you to manage and allocate service products more efficiently and get an accurate overview of the costs associated with your service orders. The Service Management module in Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers you functionalities such as:

  • Management of Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Contract management
  • Service order management
  • Progress planning and material planning
  • Scheduling and resource planning
  • Service parts and component management
  • Service history
  • Pricing and costings
  • Key figures reports