Implementing ERP since 1993

Megatek is a leading provider of enterprise software for Retailers, Wholesalers, Factories, Car Dealers. We help customers promote their business and maximize profit. Businesses and Brands rely on our expertise. Our great experience for the past three decades helps our customers run their entire operation smoothly, online, and totally interconnected. We cover Product Planning and Inventory Management, so our skillful customers reach an optimized point-of-purchase execution. Results of our experience in ERP implementation are better revenue/margin performance, greater customer engagement, and a very satisfied/loyal workforce.

Our team is very dedicated to offer solutions based on award wining Dynamics 365 verticals as LS Retail , incadea , Printvis and Serenic payroll. Our offering extend to merchandising, store operations, customer engagement, e-commerce, business analytics, self-checking, service management , production , dealer management system ( DMS ) not forgetting HR & Payroll. With very professional and up-to-date technologies, we work in collaboration with our customers to embrace their business and understand their needs, until the relation becomes one of consultancy. We are proud of our team, and each member is individualized. We build their career path through multiple challenges and opportunities, until they become pillars of our entity. Through reward and appreciation, we create the momentum and leave no time for a dull moment.

Megatek and its entire team thrive to protect its customers' investments and ensure a measurable ROI, whether using the latest secure cloud platform or the regular relational database.

Our customers are our Partners... Their success is ours too...

Dbayeh main road POBOX 70270  Tel: +961 4 54 55 56
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