incadea Dealer Management System

The thinking side of Driving

Complete. Simple. Transparent. Optimized.

With the strong foundation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, we offer a comprehensive dealer management solution designed specifically to serve the needs of automotive retail. Our DMS covers all dealership functions and processes as well as unparalleled flexibility to integrate with other systems within your IT ecosystem. 

Unified Platform

incadea Quick Facts

Build on Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Based on Microsoft Technology. Allowing you to focus on innovation. incadea.dms is based on the world class platform of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. As such, the solution inherits all the essential properties of this ERP software while accommodating the specific requirements of the automotive retail business.

Save time. Increase productivity

Each Role Center is optimized for the specific role, containing all the relevant information and guiding the user through the business process. No need to switch between applications thanks to calendar, messaging, and other integrations.

Collaborate Efficiently

The solution includes 22 dealership roles, supporting information flow between different departments of your dealership.

Reduction of Errors

Automation and removal of human interaction reduces potential for errors caused by end users

Simple Workflows

Workflow is designed based on the business process and the user's role

DMS Integration

The make-specific processes are seamlessly integrated into standard DMS workflows.

Process Automation

International Make Layer (IML) removes user interaction whenever feasible


  • CRM
  • Financial Management
  • Vehicule Management
  • Service Management
  • Parts Management
  • Reporting and BI Tools
  • Payroll

Lead Management

Whether in sales or aftersales, you can manage leads coming from various sources. Avoid manual data entry, qualify leads, and assign them to salespeople.

Segmentation and Campaigns

Easily create segments matching specific criteria and associate them with campaigns, opportunities, to-do's, or interactions. Execute campaigns, review results, and learn from the performance statistics.

Case Management

Streamline your resolution process for inquiries and complaints. Create transparency and awareness throughout the whole dealership, enabling the entire team to work toward the highest customer satisfaction.

Customer Profiling

By using questionnaires or rating scales, you can understand your customers better; shape customer communication according to their profile; and plan precisely targeted, efficient campaigns.

Opportunity Management

Plan your sales pipeline and make sure every opportunity gets the attention it deserves with the help of individually configurable to-dos for each sales stage and deep integration with other CRM functionality (e.g., campaigns).

Messaging and Interactions

Set up automatic notifications for customers via their preferred channel: SMS, email, or other messaging apps. Send messages personally, interact with customers, and keep records of exchanged messages for future reference.

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