Retail Hardware

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From small cafes to the most sophisticated  retailers , NCR powers the technology that  runs your entire operation. Chose the best . 

FEC products have been successfully installed in retail and hospitality shops all around the world.  FEC POS are  designed to be used in the toughest retail and hospitality environments.

Tysso is a Professional POS System Hardware Provider from Taiwan. TYSSO has been widely adopted in retail, restaurant, franchise sectors, and are considered as the best  


FEC KIOSK is versatile with flexible configuration and customization. Despite streamline design, it still can integrate with rich components such as credit card readers, printer, scanner, camera, bill acceptor,...etc. 
21.5" TFT-LED / 9:16 Digital Touch Screen. 2 D barcode reader, MR , Thermal printer, RFID, 

TYSSO 32-inch Digital Touch Screen Kiosk with IntelĀ®  Integrated with a wide variety of peripherals and devices such as 2D barcode scanner, camera, RFID, IC card reader, MSR, thermal printer, etc., KS-1532 features selectable accessories, colors, finish, and logo so that it is unique to your brand experience with aesthetics and security.